Corky’s Fundraiser

How It Works

  • Your customers pay you the retail price listed on the Corky's Fundraiser Form (click download button below).
  • Tally your order and your cost using the Player Payment Worksheet (click download button below).
  • Write ONE check payable to MHEA Basketball for your cost or pay by cash. If paying by check, please indicate Corky's Fundraiser in the for line.
  • Submit your order forms to Lisa Conley at 901-857-7629 lisaconley2002@yahoo.comor by Sunday, November 12.
  • You keep your profit!
  • Pickup will be Monday, November 20 at Fellowship Baptist Church, 7002 US Hwy 70, Bartlett, TN 38133.

What You Earn

  • $13.00 per Spiral-Sliced Honey Glazed Ham
  • $10.00 per Smoked Whole Turkey
  • $13.00 per Smoked Turkey Breast
  • $14.00 per Smoked Boston Butt
  • $11.00 per Smoked Pork Rib Chops
  • $6.00 per Full Slab of Ribs
  • $0.50 per BBQ Sauce
  • $12.00 per Gourmet Cake
  • $15.50 per 6-Pack Family Pack Gift Certificate
  • $18.00 per 8-Pack Family Pack Gift Certificate
  • $21.00 per 10-Pack Family Pack Gift Certificate

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Conley at 901-857-7629 or